Reflection: “I-Thou relationship”

By John Gio Jastia

Life is a dialogue; According to Martin Buber“I-Thou relationship” is a pure encounter of the self to the other, the “thou” or the other are known without being subsumed and they are not reducible to spatial and temporal characteristics. Which means that the other is not just an object but like a reflection of the self. “I” and the “other” exist and have relation with one another but how we treat the other dependsalso on how we live our own lives not regarding first the others but looking back within ourselves.  How we are being true to ourselves matters the most because primarilythere must be fullness of “I” or the “self” for the fullness of the “I” stabilizes or steadies our being in the world. The fullness of our being also means of truly knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves means that we know our limitations and capacities. Thus, having the fullness of our being free ourselves from our insecurities and uncertainties that hinder us to fully know and participate to the “other”. For example, I am dark toned guy and I am insecure with beingand because of that I lack of confidence of my being and every time I join the group of white or fair skinned people, my insecurities pushes me not to participate to the other and it is because I have attained the fullness of  myself. Hence, the fullness of the “I” creates more freedom with no worries and insecurities.

 Secondly the world is composed of men not only bya man and us as “I” and the “other” create the world because of our relationship we build. We broaden our perspectives in life every time we came to meet the “other” and knowingthe other and the fullness our world depends on how we treat the “other” and it is by treating them as a being who are also the same with us as a being. Thus it is by treating them as a being strengthens our relationship with the other. And relationship is very important because if the relationship is good, it creates freedom, security and a happy living. A master cannot have loyal servant if he treats his servants only as slave objects but the master can gain the trust of his helpers if he himself treat them as human beings. The more we interact and attend to the other the more we attain the fullness of ourselves and the fullness of living in this world.


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